25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25

Day 18 - On Being More

"You've never been good at being only one thing at a time" - Rajiv Mohabir

I cried today. I needed to cry today. The work schedule was building up, the sleep was becoming less, the pressure kept tightening, the responsibility was so high. I burst into tears after picking up my sister and brother-in-law from the airport. The 80 hour work week, managing red earth, working as a ESL teacher, grant applications due soon, meetings with teachers, helping family, being there for community, these are not bad circumstances & jobs to deal with. But when the pressure builds, its only natural to burst like a shaken bottle of soda.

So I cried today. And it was a reminder of how much release my body craved. A reminder that I am child from the sea, that is why these tears taste of salt. That I am islander. That I am so much sky, and land, and dirt, and ocean that I am capable of doing so much at once. So much that I lose sight in the dark clouds. But as islander, navigating back to the core, to the center, back to focus is all inside of me. As islander, stars guide not maps.

Today I cried and everything inside of me felt a little more at peace.




Jocelyn NgComment