25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25

Day 19 - Dear World

Dear World,
If I could hold your wounds in my hands without having it leak....

I am trying to hold onto so much, trying to stand in solidarity in more than one place. Baltimore, Mauna Kea, West Papua, Nepal, how many more of the nameless that didn't make the headlines this week.

Dear World,
What is my capacity? Am I any less of an ally on these issues if i do not post about them on facebook? If I do not repost an image on instagram? if I do not write about it on this blog? I am trying to understand the best ways to
give voice when I feel so distant.

Dear World,
What do I tell you I did with all of this distance? I am watching billion dollar companies mine the earth's heart. I am watching Scientists attempt to build over sacred land. I am watching mother earth's heart quake taking thousands of innocent lives. I am watching men of "authority" take thousands of innocent black lives. I am watching old men make their sons fight for the greed nestled in their chests. I am watching villages burn, ravaged, turned into twigs and ash.

Dear World,
There is hope marching towards us. I have seen it too.
I have seen the thousands rise. I have seen them turn the tide. I have heard the silence break. I have watched capitalism burn. I have heard the chants brings ancestors back with the wind. I have watched the dances decolonize the western grin. I have seen the hands reaching out. The bodies heal. The Voices crack. The fists raise. The peace held. The news does not televise the revolution properly. But I see it, see them, see you, see all the possibilities.

Jocelyn NgComment