25 Days of Reflection before Turning 25

Day 17 - On water, light & the wind. And what they say to me.

Break open my faucet mouth. Out leaks droplets of truth held inside these bones. I am desert dry with a mirage that love is waiting for me. It is not. I am waiting for it. There is a difference.
When I realized this,

light became womyn. She was radiant as aurora borealis. She spoke of god as if god lived through her. Light calls me from a distance. Reminds me of how powerful I am. Allows me to be unafraid of hurt, of darkness, of pain. Allows me to be brave. You can't hold light though. You feel it but you can't grasp onto it. Light then grabbed my spirit and said "we are one in the same" and I believed her. And I believe her.

Then I met water. Water was a womyn that helped the seeds grow beyond the weeds. Knew roots like kalo, like giving tree, like give me knowledge to trace me back to community. Water be gentle. Water be soft and kind. Be a reminder of thirst. Be the sea that feeds. Be the hand to reach. When water speaks it knows the language of mother earth. Water's hands be like bark. Be more dirt. Be fluid. Be river. Be tangible for a moment. And water said, follow me from the mountain to the sea. I am still walking through the weeds.

And when the wind came, she came as womyn. Came as sea breeze. Comes and goes whenever she please. The wind does not speak like light or like water, the wind is a mystery. The unknown so tantalizing. She does not come when you want her to. She comes when she feels like it. And you can't be mad when she leaves. Because when she came and whispers into your ear secrets of heart, even if just for a moment, it was everything you asked for. You just forgot to ask for how long it would last. So the wind moves quickly and stops. She will come back again and when she does do not try to capture it in a mason jar. Let her breathe you into life.


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