25 Days of Reflection Before turning 25

Day 16. Understanding. Perspective. Freewrite

The bull rages towards us only seeing
red like busted knuckles kissing a brick wall
Ravaging the dirt, running blindly
horns like aggression
roars like hurt
like pain
like lonely

I am no matador
I do not wear ruby slippers or scarlet lips.
today I wear the sky.
I wear open and light
sun made for the horizon
unclench your eyes.
Do you see it?

The different shades bleeding through the red?
can you feel it?
There is no anger here.
Only understanding.
There is no accusation here.
Only interpretation.
There are no knives or weapons.
Only open palms.

I will not hug the bull,
I will let it free.
So that
Maybe one day it will know

Jocelyn NgComment