25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25

Day 15 - Community.

Yesterday I had the most bone shaking reminder of what community is. As I watched a youth's life crumble through eviction, as I watched her mother carry bags and walking stick, as I saw the tears flowing of hopelessness. Sometimes, the darkness is so scarey it paralyzes us into believing that no one will come. But hope is a lighthouse in the distance that guides us to safety. As I then saw community step up and be the candlelight needed to clear vision. I witnessed phone calls be made, resources being pulled, spaces being held. I was reminded of how important this work is. Not just to create spaces in which youth voices can be elevated. But moments like these, where we must practice what we preach. That if we truly are a community, then we must be there for the folks within it when times get tough. So many people shy away and ignore it. Maybe that is their capacity for handling tough situations. I can't be mad at them for that. But if I am my mentor's student, if I am to be the facilitator that I dream of becoming, then I must do more than just give voice. I must do action in any way that I can. Whatever I could offer. I did. I will. And I will always try.

Jocelyn NgComment