25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25

Day 13 - A Reflection to Future Love

Dear future love,

I am womyn in the constant process of healing. The constant process of learning how to love myself and all of my transformations. I am poet made of tangled words and quicksand. I get tied up in the things I say and sink so fast when love presents itself. I have loved through war. I know what battlefield feels like on organs and I know the organ song played when love dies. I know the softness found in barbed wire fences and all the truth waiting to be released inside of me. I am looking for someone who will speak my tongue into the language of our own gods. I looking for someone to grow with, to hold space with, to inspire and dream under all the constellations. Let us spend our lives renaming all the stars after memories we manifest together. I would give you the best of me, knowing you would get the best of me, knowing that you wouldn't give it back. Would you do the same? This life is an hourglass, sand slowly slipping through the cracks of our hands. Will you build a castle with me? Will you be there to help raise the village? Most people want a kingdom, want to rule the world with someone, want to conquer love and all that belongs to it. I do not want that. Empires fall. Conquering something consists of war and pillaging. I want a love that will raise villages, that will care, take care and be cared for. I want to let love be the vessel in which the Universe speaks through us in all of its most brilliant shades. I want love to be flawed, to be worked on, to be a constant process that does not feel like a marathon but rather an adventure. I want love that is organic. That is not forced. That is patient. That is not illusion. That is all raw and honest. I want you all raw and honest. 

So dear future love,
When we meet, let us not shy away with fear of getting hurt. Let us not let past scars taint our vision of what love should and can be. Let us grow. Let us try new things. Let us explore the unknown. Let us love loud and unafraid. Let us love and learn. Let us never get too comfortable. Let us always break the limits of what everything thought love could be. Let us be.


Jocelyn NgComment