Opening Up

In response to "Letting go" by Gloria Anzaldua

when opening up
ourselves, remember to start
at the naval. claw
away at belly, nails first.
watch ocean spill out
then the wasps, bees, and honey,
followed by wildfire.
Do not be afraid of all
the songs caged inside of us.
It was never about the cage
It was always about the bird.

when opening up
ourselves, once is not enough.
the spider webs cling
to muscle--memories soft,
scrape the rim of intestine.
pull serpents out
by their fangs as they try to
slither up to heart.
cut off heads, watch them grow
two more. our dark multiplies.
cradle all the mess
poured onto the floor.

when opening up
ourselves, twice is not enough.
-Light evaporates.
-gold is taken by strangers
-we will feel empty.
raise our white flag hands
listen to our hollowed
bodies cry a conch shell scream.
a song we dance to
when all the birds have vanished.

Jocelyn NgComment