25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25

Day 25 - In Transition

This final post on reflecting is long over due. But as the old cliche goes - 'better late than never' i suppose. How appropriate that I am in the middle of change.

I am chrysalis again. I wrapping myself up in the colors I once was and shedding it with the wind. Tomorrow is my final day at a job I've been doing for the past 3 years. I've reached the top in my position. I've gained the knowledge I've sought after. Tomorrow after 12:00, I will be free. What a bittersweet taste to digest. But change is on the horizon. I can already feel it. Change job. Change hair color. Change clothing. Change visions of love. Change physical health. Change to grow, improve, evolve. Because what kind of person would i be if i was the same as last year? last month? yesterday? I've worn many costumes in my lifetime thus far. I've been hip hop high tops and skinny jeans. I've been fohawk and big earrings. I've been bay area swag and USF glam. I've been femme dandy and ethereal modern. Each represented a time where I saw the world differently. Onto the next. What will blue hair & tailored clothes bring? Raise your chin, put some lipstick on, some war paint to show em how queer girls rock. Tell the honeys, the queen is turning the hive into a kingdom. And I'm waiting around for someone to tell me how sweet this is. Blessed be the change. Blessed be 25 and focused. Give the village the love it deserves. Give yourself the love you deserve. Rise and be the sky.

Jocelyn NgComment