25 Days of Reflection Before Turning 25 Years Old

Day 5 - March 5th: After Psychic Readings from Suma

It is an uplifting feeling to get validated and affirmed about circumstances and situations in your life from someone that barely (and completely) knows you. My soul sister Robin introduced me to Suma when I was in Seattle in October 2014. By far the most spiritual and accurate reading I have ever had by anyone in a very long time.

Yesterday I called Suma after not speaking to her since October. She told me to write a letter to my spirit guides and to ask questions that I want answers to. I asked 4 questions:

1. What does this year of being 25 have in store for me

2. Do I continue this connection to this beautiful soul in New York?

3. What is our past life connection?

4. What life lesson am I supposed to learn in this life?


After telling me a bunch guidance and advice that had to do with my life (that i will not talk about here, I.E. family things) she began to answer my questions. This year of being 25 will be a year of accomplishments. If I set my goals, I will achieve with in an organized fashion. This is the year of initiation. Of fulfilling the roles in my path that my spirit journey has lead me to. When I think of this, I think of my role in Pacific Tongues as Outreach Coordinator. I think of my role as an ESL teacher. I think of my role as a Poetry Facilitator and what it means to be a responsible mentor.

When it comes to the girl in New York, Suma says to nurture this relationship. Nurture it because I will not experience anything like it again in this life. She said, "imagine a kite flying, you are holding the kite Jocelyn, you have all the right circumstances to allow it to fly, the wind at your back, the kite is perfectly made, but it is up to you of how high or how low this kite goes." "But the spirit want you to know that it will bring you so much joy if you let it. So nurture the connection." She said, "my spirits do not want to show me your past life relationship because they are telling me that you will remember on your own" Apparently I am going to be having a lot of spiritual growth in the next 3 years. At the end of my third year is my Saturn Return. (you should google saturn return if you don't know what it is. Its pretty dope). I am supposed to have a huge spiritual awakening.

My life lesson that I am supposed to learn in this life: Conscious Immortality. Suma said that "You will learn this in 10 years or it feel like 10 years. Think of Buddha. I don't want to use the word student because you will be more than this in learning this lesson. You will be on this continuous journey to learn, not academically but spiritually. And not just spiritually as in a higher intuitive self, but as a learning of experiences, of seeing things that people would only dream of and sharing that knowledge gains from your journey with the people in your community" 

Suma's final words to me were to spend a lot of time with my family in the next 6 months because I am going to be traveling a lot. Back and forth to and from Hawaii. I may not be seeing the doors right now, but they will open in the next year.

Let us go world. Let us see where this life is to take me. Let us continue this endless journey to conscious immortality.

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