First Things First

This first post is nothing but a giant thank you to you, whoever you are reading this. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my website. You could be at any other website or doing something else like oh, i don't know, watching your favorite television show, stalking social media, experiencing the great outdoors or even taking a shit. But nope, you are here. Reading this blog entry. And for that, I thank you. 

I have been doing poetry for 9 years now. This journey has been a long and beautiful experience thus far. If you were to tell 15 old Jocelyn of the roller coaster she was going to be in, she probably would have laughed in your face. It's crazy to reflect of one's own origin story and see how far you've come. After the hard work, continuous learning, and all the I am. 24 years old, just published my 2nd chapbook, launched my own website, and still as scared of whats to come next as I've ever been.

But why now? Why didn't I do this sooner or why not later? 
A few months ago, I met this womyn. She will remain anonymous. Although I had maybe at most 3 interactions with this womyn, she inspired me in ways that I hadn't felt since graduating from USF. I would like to think that sometimes the Universe sends us people to give us messages that our hearts need to hear at certain times in life. This was one of them. All of a sudden I had electricity in my veins, motivation running through me, and I said, why not? Why not promote myself? I am proud of all of my accomplishments so far in my craft. This website is just another form of self love. That even if no one views this, I am preserving this modern/radical affirmation to myself, that I can do it. And that I should constantly remind myself to believe in my art. In my journey. In all the hard work and sacrifices. 
So here it is. For the world to see. Jocelyn Ng: Poet, Educator, Performing Artist, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Future Partner. 

I leave you with a simple invitation...
Promote yourself. In any form. Whether its a selfie or website. Do it. Not for anyone else but for yourself. And don't apologize for it.

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