Influences / Acknowledging the Past, Present & Future

Jocelyn’s work is rooted in spoken word poetry but there are many branches which have influenced her approach, aesthetic, pedagogy and process. Through the mentoring of Pacific Tongues founders, Lyz Soto and Melvin Won-Pat Borja her work ethic from the youth poetry movement has bled into the evolution of her creative practice. Jocelyn’s art would not be possible without the influences of the following writers/scholars/creatives: Epeli Hau’ofa, Paulo Freire, Haunani Kay Trask, Anna West, Rosanna Raymond, Albert Wendt, Marjorie Liu, Stan Lee, Sana Takeda, Hayao Miyazaki, MANDEM, Stephen King, Karl Kerschl, Lindah Lepou, bell hooks, Richard Hamasaki, Marcie Ahana, Jahra Wasasala, Kathy Jentil-Kijiner, No’u Revilla, Bryan Kuwada, D. Keali’i MacKenzie, FAFSWAG, saVAge Klub, Ladi6, Sloane Leong, and so many more.

Why do you call yourself a multi-dimensional creative?

Answer: Lindah Lepou